This is dedicated to the memory of our members who have made the ultimate sacrifice in their service to the department and TO the residents of Fort Lee & to the memory of THOSE who served the department THROUGHOUT IT'S HISTORY....


"A Fireman's Prayer"

when i am called to duty, god where ever the flames may rage,

give me the strength to save some life whatever be its age.

help me embrace a little child before it is to late

ot save an older person from the horror of that fate.

enable me to be alert and hear the weakest shout

and quickly and efficiently to put the fire out

i want to fill my calling and to give the best in me,

to guard my every neighbor and protect his property.

and if according to my fate i am to lose my life,

please bless with your protecting hand my children and my wife.



FF. Fred Cavaliere

On Saturday February 7, 1925 the department responded to a fire at the National Evans Film Laboratory located at the corner of Linwood Avenue and Main Street. Upon arrival the firefighters found that the buildings sprinkler system had extinguished most of the fire. While the firefighters were in the process of extinguishing the remaining hot spots an ammonia tank inside the building exploded causing a major collapse of the building. FF. Cavaliere was buried under a brick wall along with other firefighters that he was working with at the time. The firefighters worked feverishly to rescue those who were buried beneath the rubble. FF. Cavaliere was extricated and transported to Englewood Hospital were he died on February 11, 1925 from severe internal injuries. FF. Cavaliere was 49 years of age and a member of the department for seven years at the time of his death. He was survived by his wife, Marie Pardo and seven children. He was buried on February 14, 1925 at the Fairview Cemetery in a section called "Hero's Corner". This special place was donated by the owner of the cemetery, Frederick Alson-Garner, who reserved this place of honor for firefighters and police officers who were killed in the line of duty.  



Fire Inspector Howard Cooper - 1986

On January 6, 1986 while on duty, Fire Inspector Cooper was preparing to issue a parking ticket to a vehicle parked in the fire lane of one of the local businesses when he became involved in a verbal confrontation with the operator of the vehicle. He called for assistance from the police department via radio. Upon their arrival, the police found Inspector Cooper slumped over the wheel of his vehicle having difficulty breathing. He was rushed to Englewood Hospital where he later died from a massive heart attack. Inspector Cooper, who was 64 years old, had planned to retire at the end of the year.


Joseph Darrell    Richard Cella    Louis Boland    Harry Allison    Henry Benecke, Sr.

August Fishers, Sr.    Frank Hayek    Louis Hayek    Charles J. Holmberg    Arthur Kimbel

Charles Kinsler    Fred Kimmelman    Oscar Buckheister    Albert Doscher    Vincent Cherney, Sr.

Louis Brosch    George Kuch    Julius M. Dubois    L.J. Holenius    Gerome Sadi

John Allen    John A. Lang    Peter R. Saitta    George Crozier    G. Schumann, Sr.

James F. McNally    Daniel McAvoy    George Lindler, Sr.    George Ruff    John Monahan

Ferdinand Knorzier    Ignates Szabo    Joseph Schlosser    Julius Seipel    Louis Schlapp

Philip Hook, Sr.    Morris Hanover    Charles L. Richter    Christopher Davis    Fred Ruchenbrod

James Sheehan    John Creegan    Emil Guadagno    Charles Vogel, Sr.    Angelo Marshall

J. Fletcher Burdett    Jahn Daly    A.D. McMillan    Lawrence Dobbelaar    Anthony Marion

Fred Marsden    Tom McNally    Leonard Bigler    William Connell    George F. Tracy

Charles J. Herliman    John Paguighi    Jacob Beyer    Charles Hunt    John N. Race

Walter F. Olsommer    George Schlosser    John Catania    Walter Hayes    George Hayes

Thomas Hawkins    Philip Beyer    Charles Killinger, Sr.    George F. Burdett    Guido Semmendinger

Peter Cella    Arthur E. Kerwien    Frank Cavaliere    Gene Lang    James Dillon    Carl Lantenschlager

Edward G. Kaufer    George Moskowitz    John Ragosta    William Bumann    Charles Mehlini

Clarence Yeimans    Paul Muench    Walter Connell    George Kellinger, Sr.    Earl McKellop

George Lahm    Theo Retzer    Anthony Gerardi    Harry Hafley    John Taus    

C. Kellinger    Patrick Burke    Harry Barbieri    William Kahrs    George Kimball

Philip Hook    Harry Hawkins, Sr.    George S. Lardner    George Lautenschlager    Peter Ricco

Reggie Schultz    George Graff    George Heus    Frank O'Connell    J. Fletcher Creamer, Sr.

Marion O. Palen    Arthur Barbieri    Charles Heft, Jr.    James J. Flynn    Charles Stein

William Connell    Jeury Krahl    Joseph Taus    Warren Lawten    Arthur Siccardi

Charles Kyle    Patrick J. Warren    Charles Bowers    William Corcoran    Patrick Riker

Edwin New    Thomas Hawkins    George J. Lautenschlager    Joseph Cavaliere    John Reilly

Arnold Glauser    Jules Marcus    William Thompson   Christian Bertram    Samuel Gnasso

Alphonse Minieri, Jr. Al Grigolo


Jacob Diehl    John Kearney    James Boyle    Patrick Murray    John Liddance

James Carney    Frank Boyle    Charles Trueman    Louis Moeller    William McBean

James Murray    William Keller    Dominick Joy    Louis Joy    Henry Tonjes

John Dalton    William J. Ryan    John G. Schuster    Frank Ruff    Anthony McKenna

Thomas A. Branigan    George Ranges    Edward R. Edwards    John J. Burns    Reuben Coyte

Fred Bollembeck    William Koehler, Sr.    Frederick Hummel    Stephen Kelly    Jacob Bauer

Joseph Walters    Gus Dursch    Theodore VanBemmel    George Walker, Jr.    Paul Brennan

William Keller    John Tierney    Frank Schmidt, Sr.    Joseph Rutter    John Davis

Martin Walters    James Joy    John Whitteaker    Joseph Ruff    Andrew McDermott

Joseph Keegan    Donald Branigan    William Koehler    Alexander Lang    Anthony Burns

Adam Schmidt    Harold Richardson    Charles Schauren    John Tierney, Jr.    William Schuster

Louis Moeller    William Schauren    Thomas Kelly    Joseph Perry    Joseph Spina, Sr.

Joseph Murphy    Joseph Kelly, Sr.    Frank Schmidt    Edward Amitrano    Vincent VanDeweghe

Spencer Duncan    James Wood    Gerald Huber    James P. Waters    William Kelle

William Peppard, Sr.    William Leahy    Helmut Mehling    Walter Schauren    Daniel Cook, Sr.    Joseph Licata

Hugo Amitrano    


Joseph Meesig    Charles Radl, Sr.    Anthony Fornabai    A.L. Mohan    Fred Elbrecht

William Ennesser    Fred Schlosser    Walter Ottel    Fred Stangel    Henry C. Beyer

Edward Lehman    Thomas Ward    Charles Hatley    Leopold Merkle    Joseph Hengstler

Daniel Eckle    Charles Nelson    Adolph Bertram    Henry Heincke    Adolph Thomas

William Douglas    Hans Mattson    Frederick Clare    Charles F. Cruz    George F. Hill

Jacob Bach    Louis Frola    Frank Chippani    Edward H. Trythall    Patrick Harnett

Leonard Merkle    John Reardon    William Merkle    John Seufert    Fred Beyer

Charles Merkle, Jr.    Rene Feuillye    Goerge Rosson    Frank Orsino    Charles Mattson

Samuel J. Corker    Michael F. Grief    James Marks    Daniel Reardon    Charles Merkle, Sr.

Edward Merkle, Sr.    Joseph G. Casper    W. Casper    M. Rosson    Francis Mills, Sr.

Vincent Luvera    Louis Hoebel    Charles Rosenstangel    George Casper    George Allstadt

George Meyer    George Merkel    Charles Bender    George DeMatteo    Ralph Jouan

Philip Traverso    George Brown    Anton Lafko    Louis Messig, Sr.    George Pimont

Charles Messig    Lawrence Barrett    Herman Heneicke    Peter Siccardi    Francis Blainey

Ralph Stangle    Charles Glaser    William Beyer    William Shaw    Luke Frate

Peter Christoff    Thomas Cullum    Anthony Morena    Charles Merkle III    Edward Lehman

William Schwab    John Rosenstangel    Henry Thomas    Joseph Orsino    George Ennesser

Al Shaw    C. Rosenstangle    J. Frola    Kenneth Sheehan    Thomas Tierney

William Hook    Adolph Schroeder    Albert Troy    Charles Roth    James Christoff. Jr.

Louis Bertram    Louis Messig, Jr.    Martin J. Cummins    Charles Kurz    James Fornabei, Sr.

William Suntag    Christian Klein    Charles Frola    James Corticelli    George J. Hook

Kenneth M. Sheehan, Jr.    Christian Mayer    William Quinn    Charles Goebel    

Charles Frola, Jr.    Charles Radl, Jr.    James Christoff, Sr.    Justin Piedmont    Lucien Ciocca

Joseph Dykes    Vincent Porrino    Henry Hoebel    Alvin Roehrer   Thomas Fredricks

Salvatore Barilla    Mario Litterini   Ralph Porrino        


Samuel Barr    Garfield May    N.A. Paul    Charles Logan, Sr.    Charles Logan, Jr.

Edward Muth, Sr.    Edward Muth, Jr.    Clarence C. Hunicke    James Stewart    Theodore Kemm, Sr.

Theodore Kemm, Jr.    Wilbur Holt    John Loesche    Gus Meyen    W.E. Reuckheim

Charles Of    Harry S. Clarke    George Stabel    Claton Stewart    Lawrence Sager

Ouriel Shirin    Henri Jeltrup    William Beckman    Frederick St. John    Carl Meyn

J.F. Pennell    H.J. Gaess    Anthony Czaszar    Otto Hunicke    Frederick Baer

Michael Verdi    Wilbur Gaess    Thomas Fredericks    Robert L. Petermann    John P. Sedlak

Harold Roser    John C. Breiby    August Beckman    Bernard Brady    Raymond Dee

Charles Ferri    Michael LoPiano    Thomas Pierson, Sr.    Arthur Willmann    Harry Elkan

H.T. Beans    John Johansen    Bruce Best    Ralph Drake    Walter Redemann

Walter Binner    Robert Jackovetto    Louis Brandmeir    Herman Stumph    James Siracuse

Lester Muth    Mario Maiello    Alfred Aikens    Anthony Corring    Louis Botjer

Al Triano    Robert Lyons    John Centrella    John Guido    George Beckman

George Lane    Walter Ecker    Vic Siracuse    Hugo Del Nero    Edward Eager

Joseph Liebmann    William Walker    A.W. Dyer    Anthony Chichin    Elmer Siracuse

Bernard Mann   Paul Loesche   Joseph Marotta   Burt Glaubinger   Anthony Choromanski

John Pappalardo    Donald O'Prandy


Rev. R.J. Clark, Engine Co. 1

Rev. John F. Muligan, Rescue/Engine Co. 2

Dr. Kelder, Rescue/Engine Co. 2

Rev. D.B. Mulcahy, Rescue/Engine Co. 2

Rev. Justin W. Corcoran, Ladder Co. 3

Monsignor Morrissey, Ladder Co. 3


Joseph Spina, Jr.

Howard Cooper

Carmela L. Berardi


Carmela Berardi   

Harry T. Holtje   

Edward Bernard, Sr.